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Chiropractic Care Services

Sep 10

Chiropractic treatment is an alternative kind of medicine that diagnoses and treats musculoskeletal problems. To improve their patients' health, chiropractors use a variety of techniques, including manual therapy, manipulative therapy, exercise, and lifestyle counseling.


The effectiveness of chiropractic care for treating several problems, such as low back pain, neck pain, headaches, and musculoskeletal pain, is supported by a growing amount of scientific research. In addition, further evidence supports the safety and efficacy of chiropractic therapy in treating children and newborns.


Choose a trained chiropractor with experience treating your specific ailment if you're seeking chiropractic care. Finding a doctor who adheres to evidence-based practices and is dedicated to giving you the best care possible is also crucial.

Chiropractic care

Your chiropractor will use their clinical knowledge and the best evidence available to make a diagnosis and offer treatment options for you following a first session to assess your problem.


Chiropractic care is the primary treatment for numerous illnesses, including low back pain. In addition, chiropractors and other medical specialists advise an interdisciplinary approach for various problems such as pain brought on by osteoporosis, diabetes, or arthritis. Therefore, to assist your overall therapy in these circumstances, your chiropractor will coordinate with other healthcare providers in your circle of care. Together, they will offer chiropractic treatment to relieve any joint, muscle, or spine pain you may be experiencing.

Depending on each patient's unique requirements and preferences, chiropractors employ various therapies. Commonly used treatments include:


  • Hands-on," manual therapy
  • Therapy for soft tissues
  • Electronic techniques, including cold laser therapy and therapeutic ultrasound
  • Individualized, therapeutic exercise regimens
  • Self-management tactics and tools (like positions for relief or coping strategies for pain)
  • Guidance and instruction

Manual Adjustment

The adjustment refers to a chiropractor's manual manipulation of your joints or vertebrae. A chiropractor will use their hands to apply controlled force to your joint and move it through a range of motion during an adjustment. Your joint will move more naturally and perform better due to this action.


This procedure is known as spinal manipulation therapy when performed on your spine. Other joints, such as those in your wrist, ankle, or foot, can also be successfully treated with manipulation.

How do food, supplements, and nutrition fit into chiropractic care?


Our Peak Potential Family Chiropractic Houston Heights clinic seeks to assist patients in achieving their overall health objectives. We are inclusive, which means that we want to be of service to you and that, if necessary, we are ready and willing to make an effort to teach you what it means to be healthy. For example, we recently treated an overweight patient with sciatic nerve pain, terrible back pain, and diabetes. We would have failed if we had only addressed the patient's backache.


Our care team can help with many topics because we are in the holistic health field (meaning a more natural approach). We spend much more time learning how to create health from within rather than a "fix it when it's broken" symptom approach. 


It is our responsibility not only to explain how losing weight by itself could assist in lessening some of his sufferings but also to instruct him on how to eat to do so. His only objective up to this point had been to stay away from sugar. Such situations need us to use the information and comprehension we possess to instruct patients on what is necessary for them to achieve their objectives, and we are equipped to do so. Just let us know at your appointment if you're interested in learning more about maintaining a healthy diet. We'll do our best to prepare some materials for you when you come back to Peak Potential Family Chiropractic - Houston Heights.