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The Best Rated Palmer Chiropractor

Sep 11


Joint pains, back pains, and other sports injuries can take time to heal. But recovery time depends on the treatment. Taking painkillers will only reduce pain but will not address the cause of the problem. You need to know that pain can be a result of excess friction, damaged tissues, broken bones, or excess pressure on certain body parts. Chiropractic treatments like chiropractic adjustments, myofascial releases, IASTM, cupping therapy, rehab exercises, ice therapy, and therapeutic massage can be used to address sports injuries, neck pain, and more. Haven Chiropractic & Sports Medicine is the best Palmer chiropractor and here is why you should visit us.


We Have Experienced Chiropractors and other Specialists 

If you want to heal and recover fast, you must be treated by an experienced team. As the best chiropractic Palmer office, Haven Chiropractic & Sports Medicine has highly trained and experienced chiropractic physicians, massage therapists, trainers, and other experts who will walk with you at every step of your recovery journey. The team is respectful and honest and is determined to help you overcome your pain and live a normal life like before. Our team can offer a wide range of treatment services from chiropractic adjustments to rehab exercises. 

We Have Invested in Advanced Chiropractic Equipment and Tools

As the premier chiropractor in Palmer, we have equipped our facility with advanced chiropractic and training equipment to aid our patients' recovery process.  At our chiropractic office, we have equipment like chiropractic tables, digital X-ray machines, interferential current machines, activator adjustment tools, heat/ice packs, cold lasers, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, diagnostic thermal imaging, exercises therapy equipment, electronic muscle stimulation (EMS), electrodermal screening devices, wobble chairs, SOT blocks, and more.  The tools make our team more efficient, allowing us to offer the best chiropractic treatment and care for speedy recoveries. 

We Treat a Wide Range of Conditions 

Our Haven Chiropractic Palmer team offers chiropractic and sports medicine for a wide range of conditions. We treat back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, ankle & foot pain, and migraines. In addition, we have a specialized team treating sciatica and sports injuries. Our team has vast experience and will address your condition based on your condition, history, tolerance to care, and your individual goals. Therefore, don’t go for surgery to treat conditions that we can address using less invasive chiropractic solutions. Come to our chiropractic office in Palmer, and we will help you regardless of your condition.     

Haven Chiropractic & Sports Medicine
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